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Postpartum Support


Doula View offers a check up appointment within two weeks of delivery as part of our service package.  We discuss breast feeding and any issues that have come up, parenting questions, any problems with postpartum depression, and basically ensure that the parents are adjusting to parenthood.  

Ongoing support after your child is born is known as a Postpartum Doula.  Postpartum services usually entail a visit from your doula once or twice a week for a 4 hour block.  Postpartum Doulas offer parental counseling, parenting advice, help with bonding, basic housekeeping, cooking a meal, running errands, or just a shoulder to cry on.  


Postpartum doulas are not trained psychologists, but if the very common occurance of postpartum depression becomes an issue for you, they can also point you in the direction of trained medical assistance.

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