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The Birth I Always Envisioned

Wow...I don't know where to begin. LaToya was exactly what I needed as a first time mom, excited but somewhat nervous about my birth journey. Now on the other side of that journey, I realize that I would have done a great disservice to myself had I not connected with LaToya and allowed her to partner with my husband and I as we prepared for our baby's birth. LaToya is knowledgeable, empathetic, inspiring, and will be in your corner from Day 1.

The support that I got from LaToya helped me to be courageous and committed to the type of birth that I always envisioned - and her encouragement helped make that vision a reality. If you are on the fence about whether this added level of support is worth it, don't be - this is one relationship you will not regret. Thank you LaToya, my family and I will always be grateful <3.

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