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Why I Started Using DoTerra Essential Oils

As a Doula I've used essential oils for years. I've been through many different brands but when I started using doTERRA, I started noticing a huge difference... I also was introduced to it at a point in my life where I was becoming more aware of how to naturally and holistically take care of my body and family.  


 Before I go into why I love doTERRA essential oils and address some of the common misconceptions about essential oils, I wanted to say one thing:I think it’s amazing that so many families are using herbs and essential oils. I love seeing testimonials from people who have used an oil and seen a drastic improvement. Regardless of the brand, I think it’s so great that people are turning to essential oils and natural healing and away from over-the-counter, synthetic drugs!

Why I Love doTERRA

1. I Like the Purity

doTERRA wanted to create a purity level that goes above and beyond organic. So they created an internal standard called Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade that is verified by 3rd party testing laboratories. They test their oils 7 different ways to make sure that they are pure and safe for therapeutic use. Even though doTERRA essential oils are not “certified organic“(read why in next paragraph), you can be assured that they are a step above organic.

Organic certification varies from country to country and state to state. doTERRA essential oils are sourced all over the world, so that is why organic certification is not possible. One of the ways they ensure their oils are free of pesticide, herbicide, extenders and solvents is through the GC/MS analysis process, which is one of the 7 ways they test the purity of their oils.

Have you heard different? There is many misconceptions and lies across the internet. Much of the untruth about the purity of doTERRA essential oils stems from a website that was anonymously published by one of doTERRA’s competitor. The website accused doTERRA’s peppermint of having a synthetic ingredient called “ethyl vanillin” in it. It was purposely set up to be anonymous and it was soon obvious who was behind the scandal of the fake test results. Thankfully, the truth of this website came out (doesn’t it always!) and the website has since been taken down.

Dr. Pappas, a world-reknown chemist, that does the third-party testing for doTERRA, along with other essential oil companies, published his testing results of doTERRA peppermint essential oil and stated:

As you can see from the report in which we looked at everything down to 0.01%, there is no finding of ethyl vanillin in the oil, despite what was claimed on certain other websites. So I guess it comes down to a matter of trust and who one chooses to believe on this issue.  Before making that decision on who to believe however,  it would at least be prudent for one to become educated about many aspects of the report which claims to have found ethyl vanillin. – source

2. I Like that they Do Third-Party Testing

Many people come to me with the concern that doTERRA uses third-party testing facilities. My first question is, “Why the heck is this a concern?” A company that uses an IN-HOUSE lab would be something that would concern me. I would be concerned about them being biased. So, I love that they use third-party testing of their essential oils!


3. I Like that they Source their Oils All Over the World

This was really important to me. I don’t buy my wine from Idaho when I can get it from France. Some things are MUCH BETTER to get outside of the United States. This is when you want to forget your “American-made” pride and realize that some herbs do not grow good in the United States…some do..but not all. So, doTERRA carefully selects and sources their essential oils from where it grows at it’s prime! Here’s a great video by Emily Wright, one of doTERRA founders, talking about where they source their essential oils and a world-map below on where their oils are sourced.

4. I like that they are Driven by Charity

“The doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation is dōTERRA International’s registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to improving lives through partnering with organizations that offer hope to millions around the world. Healing Hands seeks to bring healing and hope to the world, for lives free of disease and poverty, and to ultimately empower impoverished communities with the tools needed to become self-reliant. dōTERRA International, LLC provides for all overhead and administrative costs of the dōTERRA Healing Hands Foundation, ensuring that 100 percent of all donations go directly to those receiving aid.”

You have the option of donating to the Healing Hands foundation every time you order! I love that they work so much in communities of need. This is important to me in a business, and especially a business that I represent.

5. I like that they Educate

The education and ongoing support that you get with doTERRA is incredible. I have learned so much about essential oils, the safety of them, and the proper way to use them. My team and upline have educational team calls that you can join in and participate in. There is so many online tools that you can use if you would like to make a business out of doTERRA. I’m in a hundred Facebook groups that share and educate on using essential oils. There is so much support and that is what I love about the company.  

6. I like How Clean they Smell

The smell test is a good indicator of purity. I read one blog article on how doTERRA essential oils smell good because they are not “first distillation“. This prompted me to research more into this and what I found out was GREAT! Essential oils SHOULD smell good. This quote from the chemist, Dr. Pappas, speaks volumes on how Peppermint essential oil is distilled and how the information you read on the internet is not always accurate:

"The plant is distilled for basically 2 hours and its done, no more oil is coming out so they shut the still down. Its absolutely ridiculous to think that the distiller, after watching his oil come over, seeing that his oil level is not growing, shuts the still down and then later thinks to himself “gee, I bet if I fire this still back up (wasting thousands in feul and labor) we can get some more oil out of that spent mint leaf we distilled yesterday.” Where do people come up with this stuff!!?? Now the MINT OIL can, and often is (thank God), taken for some further redistilling and/or fractional vacuum redistilling that can take place to further improve the quality of the oil by removing nauseating components of the whole oil (just tiny amounts of very bad smelling components get removed in this process). But NOBODY distills the mint biomass a second or third time. This is generally true, not just for mint, but for essential oil distillations in general.  When I tried to explain it to the person posting this rubbish she basically did not believe me because her “research” of talking to retailers of essential oils apparently was of higher credibility. If people would just use some common sense they could look at this kind of misinformation and come to the conclusion that none of it makes sense. From an energy standpoint, why would anyone plan to shut down their distilling process just to start it up again later? The amount of energy required to get massive amounts of water boiling and enough steam generating to liberate the oil from large vats of biomass is quite astonishing and costly. Why not just keep distilling and just start collecting the oil produced at the tail end of the distillation in a separate container, if you want to collect what you think might be a different quality at the end of the run than at the beginning (by the way this is done with Ylang Ylang oil which is why there are the different grades of extra, I, II, III and complete). But aside from ylang ylang most all essential oil distillations are collected in one combined lot. And the only time I have ever seen a distiller shut down his process and restart it later was because of mechanical problems, running out of fuel, or just getting too physically tired to continue (in the case of sandalwood for example the distillation can go on for more than 24 hours and oil is still in the wood). I hope that this post will finally do some damage to this myth that has been circulated for decades now and we can finally put it to bed." – source

So, there ya have it. There is not 1st, 2nd, or 3rd distillations. The only one that does undergo more than one distillation is Ylang Ylang, like Dr. Pappas describes above in the quote.

7. I Like that they Shoot for Quality, Not Quantity 

I hear so many people talk about how ______ company has more variety of oils. I know this can be disappointing when your company that you love does not have a specific essential oil that you may be looking for. The reason for this is because doTERRA will not compromise their quality for their quantity. This is why many oils have come and gone and why doTERRA is always looking for a more sustainable and reliable source that is high in quality. I love that. I would rather have a limited quantity of AMAZING oils than a large quantity of low-quality oils.

8. I LOVE the Business Model

The compensation plan of doTERRA is incredible! It’s extremely generous and I am so happy to say that it is our top income source. In fact, my husband doesn’t even need to work at this point. In less than 8 months I achieved the rank of Diamond in doTERRA. I did NOT expect to achieve diamond that quickly, nor did I set out to do that. But once I started sharing with how essential oils were changing my life, people started jumping on board and my team grew enormously!

This YouTube video is great at describing what doTERRA’s compensation plan is and how it is very different than our main competitor. If you are interested in joining doTERRA for growing a business, please join my FB Group  or contact me to get the info on how you can start working with this company!

Essential Oils are for EVERYONE!

Regardless of what company you love or choose, I am just so overjoyed to see you reaching for oils instead of over-the-counter medication that is filled with side-effects and God knows what else.

However, if you would like to start your journey into using doTERRA essential oils, I want you to know that I would love to help you! My team is so supportive and you will be able to join our exclusive team groups and learn so much about essential oils. CLICK HERE to take a look at my current monthly specials and to get started in using essential oils!

Any rude comments or comments including links promoting a certain brand will be deleted. The purpose of this post was to share why I love doTERRA for my family and to provide some links and research for those who are trying decide if doTERRA is right for them

Take Control of YOUR Health!!

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