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Chelsei's Testimonial


"My husband and I were both first time parents and a little naïve as to how the birthing process works. We were so focused on what we needed to do and have after the baby came that we skipped over how he would arrive into the world. I knew I wanted to do a vaginal birth with some drugs, but I honestly had not thought any further than that. We did not take Lamaze classes or anything to prepare us for labor. A little less than a month before my son arrived, I saw where LaToya had posted an opportunity for doula services. I wasn't 100% sure what a doula did, but I knew they were similar to a birthing coach. I figured it didn't hurt to reach out, and luckily she was a great fit.


She met with my husband and I several times to help us devise our birthing plan and go over some positions and techniques to prepare us for the big day. She was also always available to text or chat, and it was great to have that extra support if I needed it.  I ended up going into labor about a week before my due date and she was on call.  I had been having contractions on and off all day, so I knew it was coming.  Once I arrived at the hospital, she met us there and was there till the end! I truly believe I was able to labor without an epidural much longer with LaToya’s help than I would have been if I wouldn't have had her support. She not only helped keep me as calm as possible but my husband as well.  A doula was a service that I had never considered, but I am so glad that I had her help in the end. "

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