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Everything we needed in Doula and more!


Since my initial meeting of LaToya, she was nothing if not kind,calming & accomodating...all of the initial qualities that you would want in a friend to assist you in welcoming in your new blessing.  I was so impressed with her services.  She checked in on me every few weeks to ask about the pregnancy. She took the time to listen to the desires of my husband and I.


When it came time for the birth, she certainly DELIVERED (labor humor) just as she promised that she would! She came to the hospital as a burst of fresh,calm energy. She helped my husband and I enormously. She carried me through a number of different positions to accelerate my labor.


Because of my past history,the folks at the hospital seemed to have their own agenda for my delivery. My doula was instrumental in helping me make certain that I was able to push my baby because it was certainly possible! Her assistance in navigating the breast-feeding world has been icing on the DoulaView cake!


Thanks so much for EVERYTHING!

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