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One word....Awesome!!




David and I can't even put into words how wonderful LaToya was in helping us create a beautiful birthing experience.  As second time parents we thought, "We've got this, we've done this before so we won't need a doula this time because it will be so much easier."  I'm SO glad she was starting her practice (divine timing!) the same time we realized we wanted to have a doula again because she helped us get through a very long labor.  She has such a serene and gentle presence and guided me to breathe and relax as much as possible through each contraction.  It was great to have her constant support at my home, to be able to rest in my home before making the trek to the hospital.  If not for her I would have gone much too soon and not enjoyed the peace of laboring at home.  She seemed to intuitively know exactly what kind of help I needed at each point in my labor, and even post delivery. I'm so grateful for her support now as a friend and mommy mentor!

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