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LaToya is L-O-V-E personified!  When you are in the vulnerable position of having a baby, you cannot have too much love. LaToya’s strong, caring presence gave me tremendous comfort during the entire process of labor and delivery, and for those tender hours afterward as well. It is hard to put into words how LaToya gave of herself during the process - not only her knowledge, but her body and spirit helped me through the journey.

If you are considering hiring a doula, I highly recommend this wonderful lady. While she helped me through a natural birth, she made the point that even women who are planning to have an epidural should use a doula. No matter how you choose to give birth, there are many decision points throughout the process, and doulas can provide context and “real time” advice, plus that knowing and caring support that every woman needs. LaToya can do this and much more. She was an angel I certainly needed during my labor and delivery.
Thank you LaToya!!

Angela --

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