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My Healing VBAC

I couldn't have had my VBAC without LaToya. I was so happy to find her early on in my 2nd pregnancy. She pointed me to a great provider that supported my desire for a VBAC. She coached me several times throughout my second and third trimesters & texted to check up on me from time to time. She is very personable and attentive. I felt really comfortable with her from our first meeting. I think I was a pretty needy client- LaToya became like family to us. I had a very, very long labor & she was by our side the entire time. Her daughter was even our birth photographer! LaToya has a way of educating women to make them believe in themselves. LaToya didn't tell me what to do - she empowered & educated me to be able to listen to my own body and my own instincts. Thank you, LaToya for my incredible & healing VBAC!


Photos from my birth!

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