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Being a doula is not just what you do, it's who you are... Thank you!!

First, I really just want to say thank you LaToya, soo much! I'm glad that it was meant for you and I to cross paths at this time in my life.  You have helped me and blessed me at major part of my life. At 12:24am 12/03/15 you helped my son and I get through a very sensitive/life changing moment in our life(birth). You are truly blessed and you have a sweet spirit that changes the world!


Your gift has been a blessing to me and I appreciate it on so many levels. Thank you for helping me to bring... my son in the world, things didn't go 100 percent the way it was planned due to me panicking but do know that once you got there you put a warm feeling in my head and in my heart which allowed everything else to go the way it did. Once again we thank you and we love you and are blessed to have you walk into our life at such a memorable time. Please continue being the beautiful person that you are and continue sharing your gift. I will be contacting you for future family plans. Be blessed!!!!

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