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My Doula & Cesarean Blessing

(translated from Porteguese)



Yes, I had a LaToya as my Doula!  It was such a wonderful experience. 
She kept me calm and in the moment, I felt secure about ALL the decisions made regarding naturally birthing my baby. After several hours of labor,  unfortunately,  it was not possible because my body wouldn't dilate fully, nor would my son's head descend.  My baby boy was over 8 pounds and 54 centimeters long. He's was a big boy! 

So, in the end the cesarean was medically necessary,  but LaToya was absolutely the best advocate for I and my baby's birth.  LaToya really helped to regulate the atmosphere between myself and the medical staff.  My wishes were totally respected.  The doctors, midwives and nurses were humane,  sensitive and professional.  LaToya also helped to ease the barrier of translation as English is a language I am still learning. 

My Doula was there with me the whole time, my family also. It was really important to have that support. In pregnancy and birth things can happen unexpected. But, since I was informed and my Doula helped to prepare me for many of the "what if" situations, I still felt such a sense of control and satisfaction about my birth. I felt as prepared as one could be.  And of course I have a healthy and beautiful baby boy, who was worth it all!

Thank you La Toya for your help and for giving me and my husband much more than I could imagine with the information, confidence, support and security you provided. My husband and I think of you as a gift from God and a friend.

Thank you for everything!










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