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Rachelle's Testimonial

"LaToya was instrumental in helping me with the birth of my youngest son and daughter.  My son was born 12/20/09 at 6:20am.  My water broke at about 3 that morning.  As soon as I called, LaToya made her way to the hospital.  Prior to the birth she had taken Lamaze classes with me to help me prepare for the birth.  I was adament about not using pain killers or anything else during my delivery.  Latoya supported my decision fully.  During class I could tell she was very focused on learning everything she could and making sure she was aware of any details that would make a difference to me during delivery.  We learned different breathing techniques, stages of labor, and different methods to keep the mother calm.  LaToya took her role as my birth coach seriously and I could tell she was humbled by the whole experience as well. 


During labor, LaToya did not leave my side.  (Side note she kept me more calm than my husband, but I digress).  She kept my eyes locked on hers as she walked me through the different breathing techniques.  She massaged my back when necessary, provided ice chips, kept a cool compress on my forhead, and was very encouraging in talking me through delivery.  One of the most helpful acts was monitoring the machine and preparing me for the next round of contractions.  When the final push came she was right there counting, helping support my back, and encouraging me to push.  Other than having my husband beside me, I am so thankful for having had her in the room with me.  I know she was exhausted.


When I found out soon after my son was born that I was pregnant again there was no need to ask who would be beside me during delivery.  On March 23, 2011 at 3:22pm my daughter was born.  Latoya did not miss a beat.  She was right along side me monitoring contractions and helping me breath.  Similar to my son's birth, my labor lasted about 2.5 to 3 hours.  I knew from my prior Lamaze classes that Latoya was gifted in this area.  I fully support her decision to follow her gift, and I am glad to have been part of her training."




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